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It’s a no


Light from the slit darkened

Alarming me of a known arrival

As I looked back and squinted

He’s there, though a little¬†heavier

I searched his eyes

To know what he wanted this time

But they’re blank like a sea

With too much running inside

He tried taking it away, my rotten heart

My strength was brittle but I had a power to raft

It was a battle between present and past

I couldn’t give it as for me it’s all

I need time eternal, apparently for no reason

But it’s my future, it’s my vengeance.

It’s going..


Time, the god of deeds
The one that gives
And the one who takes
You play in its world
But with no retakes
Sometimes, it’s an evil in disguise
As you are bound to wait
Do you know when it started?
Or when will it end?
Its existence, a cloud in haze

Though tied around the wrist
it still slips down like a lie
Ah! It’s too less when you’re high
It’s said it’s precious
But isn’t it just a puzzle vicious?