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I wrote


I wrote, yes, I wrote

About you yesterday

As, I wrapped my pen

And looked outside

Through the window pane

But what’s that?

A few inked words

On my white and black world

Dipped in thousands thoughts.


Wild Weather



The wind was wild

Showing audacity

All were afraid

Of the reality

But they two were

Different from the city.


Their eyes

Were entwined

And hands

Together tightened

Like to them

Nothing could happen.

My Best Friend

I met this gal three years ago. My first impression for her was “my god! She’s so weird!” The way she ate, the way she walked and the way she talked was so different that I was attracted towards her. Then the usual talking began. We two didn’t even realize when we became friends then best friends then roommate and now I call her as my daughter. Though, I say so for fun as she’s a little irresponsible and I have to take care of her like reminding her to carry metro card!
It’s her birthday today. She’s away from me enjoying summer vacations so I shared this poem with her as it belong to her. Then, my stomach tickled and I decided to share it here too.


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I never knew I will have her
That smiling face, shining eyes and curved hair
My daughter as i call that gal
My best friend as they see her

“Don’t hide your problems”, she says to me
then I say it all making even tears free

When we look into each other eyes
there’s a sea, full of love, care
and of talks as we had a journey of miles

small small fights that we have
over unwashed mug, untidy room
notes sharing and going out
but they ended before our walk in the moon

same age same health and same height
is what we have if looked from outside

but what we have common, is beyond these things
innocence, emotions, fears, likes, mind and understandings