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It’s not all mine

It’s not all yours

What we have

Is between us

Divided as complete. 


Come To Me


When I wait for you
my eyes are with me except their sights
when I wait for you
I see only you instead of this-worldly wrong or right

When I wait for you
there’s a smile waving my lips
when I wait for you
I walk on roads without destination and no one to greet 


When you come to me
my eyes have a world within
When you come to me
I leave everything for your shoulder to lean 

When you come to me
there’s a song in our story
when you come to me
I just dream of it as a forever glory.




Remember me


I remember you when somebody hurts me
or when I am in pain

I remember you when winter touches me
or when summer’s burn washes away in rain

I remember you after a momentary win
or when success comes to stay under my feet

I remember you when they call me beautiful
or when they look too lured and lustful

I remember you when I am alone with thoughts
or occupied with your words in mob

I remember you, remember you always
but do you remember me in your light or in gray?

The alive sun


He’s her Sun, the one

With whom she rises

And walks down the roads

Of love, wishes and emotions

The warmth he wraps around

Makes her world go round

The void of his absences

Turns her fragile, meek and languid

Till he shows up again, the same mundane

And they say with their entangled hearts

Love can’t always be of touch sometimes it’s of longing.

When I got Stuck!

* Hostel; Room 223 *

“I am nervous, Aashi..”, I said to Roohi, my roommate for two years in my three years of this degree, while going through the notes again and again.

“Are you out of your flipping mind.. It’s just an all-around good company.. A lot more to come soon.. Quit worrying about the interview too much?”, Aashi said irritatedly.

“Yeah… still”, I responded.

“By the way, Is your interview in this room?”


“My god.. Nothing.. Go and get ready.. We must be on time.. and please don’t take an hour to bath… please”

“Yeah.. I will try”

We both chuckled awkwardly.


*Second Floor common washrooms*

“Turn on to some soft music, please”, Aashi said to me while combing her hair in the mirror.

“Shut up! It’s my cell.. my music.. Close your ears if you bear a problem.. And for the god sake, I don’t want any of your pranks today”, I said and went into the bathroom.

“Yeah… because I am not boring like you”


I spread out the tap and baffled for the cold water. I spread Dettol everywhere, around the corners of the floor, on my stool and in my water just to make certain I was bug free. I am terribly obsessed with hygiene. Then, I started to bath. It’s always good when cold water gives you goosebumps and you feel you can’t breathe. I enjoyed my music reverberating in the whole washroom and my soap bubbles on my skin. “She must have left”, I recalled to myself as I couldn’t hear Aashi babbling around.

After making sure, I was the cleanest person on Earth. I got ready to leave the bathroom. I unlatched it and tried to open it. “Wait.. What’s this… no.. She can’t do this today… no.. not today at least”. The door didn’t open. It’s locked from the outside. My heart was pounding so loud as I thought everyone out there could discover it. “Yeah.. Anyone out there.. yes..”

“Anyone there?”, I wailed.


“Hello… please..”


Meanwhile, my music was singing like nothing has happened. Oh! The cell is non-living. “Oh yea! Cell!”. I quickly turned off the music and called her.

No response.

I called her again.

No answer.

My hand trembled as I decided whom to call next. I was terribly scrolling down in my cell when I heard some footsteps. My eyes got lightened with hope.

“Somebody there?”


“Hey! I am locked here..”

“Which bathroom?”

“Middle one”, I said as I always preferred that bathroom.

“One minute”


I tapped my foot on the floor while she opened it for me.

“Thank you……”, I said while going towards my room. Though, I wanted to embrace her, kiss and say thank her as much as I can. But, not to forget, I was short of time.


“Where I have to sign?”, I asked Ma’am holding the attendance sheet.

“You’re late”

“I am sorry”, I didn’t know what else to say.

“I doubt your choice”, she sounded out so simply looking at me. I have known that placement coordinator since the maiden year of my college. She was the most arrogant lady who used to frighten students. So, I overheard her and quietly marked my attendance.

“Slot Four”, I read the interview schedule and finally my stressed muscles in the brain got relaxed.

“Shit!!!”, Aashi cried when she looked at me.

“I am sorry…. I forgot… I was about to open it when Amit called.. Are you okay?”, she cried further.

“Yeah”, I steered.

“I am sorry”

“Shut up”

“Please… I didn’t do it intentionally..”

“It’s all right.. C’mon.. I know you.. Though I would have killed you if I have got the first slot of interviewees”, I said, interrupting her, “Which slot?”

“Seventh”, she said, and we both laughed as she hated waiting.

*Interview Board*

When my turn came, I went inside the interview board room for attending my very first job related interview in life.

Most of the sluggish queries they asked me made to stick onto my creativity levels; I didn’t pay much attention to what I was answering, however I was so confident while speaking to the other party.

“Are you really willing to be a part of our company?”, one among the heads of the company enquired me at the end.

“Actually, I’m not that willing to be a part of your company from most of the queries you asked me. I knew the puffs I’ve blown so indubitably for many among them. I couldn’t offer you the 100% of the potential I’ve in me through the works I’ll have to do. However, I would try my level best to make use of the incorruptible potential I’ve in me. I’ll firmly take your deal if you’re perfectly fine with the take you’d on me”, I answered.

“Being so frank, we’re not o.k. with you! But we should articulate that you’re the 6th candidate who got admitted in our fellowship. Congratulations! I wish we could provide you a safer atmosphere and facilities to operate in our troupe and build use of the maximum potential in young Indian people like you.”

“Thank you very much for your esteemed feedback, Sir! Thank you”

Yet another late day’s funky ending…

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A Teacher’s Day


“There are two kinds of teachers: the kind that fill you with so much quail shot that you can’t move, and the kind that just gives you a little prod behind and you jump to the skies.”
Robert Frost

“Diksha, Neha Miss is calling you in her cabin”, Rohan, her classmate, announced in the class. From her lost thoughts, she got startled by her name. Everyone was looking at her with pity eyes. They were all well known to Neha Ma’am strictness for her subject, English, and the carefree nature of Diksha. She also, while trembling with fear, assumed to get scolded today. “I have submitted my assignment on time, then why?””Did I write something wrong?”” Didn’t she like my answers?””But she asked us to write anything, then?”…..she was lost in questioning herself what has gone wrong.

“Go, break is about to over” Rohan directed her.


She felt like running away from the school while walking down the aisle rather than going to her cabin. Maths’ Miss already hated her as she has been caught many times sleeping in her class. But English. She has always been attentive in her class. She loved the subject. She loved the stories her Miss used to teach and the way in which she taught her. It’s her favourite subject.

“May I come in, Ma’am?”

“Yes Diksha, come here!”

Her heart throbbed as she walked to her. 

“Did you do the assignment yourself?” she asked looking at her.

“Yes, Miss”,Diksha said confidently and a strange smile followed her answer. 

Unlike what she has expected, Neha Miss smiled back at her. She adored her smiling face with twinkling eyes as her Miss was smiling for the first time since she has known her. She felt like she has got an extra candy along with the one she has bought last day.

“Your answers are correct, more importantly, they’re deep..umm.. I mean you have done so well”, her Miss said.

Overwhelmed by what was happening around, she stood silently at her place with her eyes wide open to capture her Miss smile.

“How did you answer them?” she further said.

Diksha remained mum and continued looking at her face.

“Diksha, I am asking something…how did you answer them?”

“I imagined you”, she said finally.

“What? What did you imagine?”

“You are the one in my lessons; you’re the Loisel in “The Necklace”, Aren’t you?”

 Neha didn’t know what to say to her. She knew how Diksha studied in her class, looking at her with her eyes dissolved somewhere else. She has felt the same love for the subject in her school days. Now, she got how Diksha has answered so well. She felt satisfied as a teacher. She felt like today was her day. She wanted to thank Diksha for this but she was too small to understand her gratitude.

“Yea..go to your class now.. Keep it up, my child”, she said to her.

She watched her going till she vanished in the corridor. 


P.S. Happy Teachers’ Day!! 😀 😀