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Laugh as a madman


I laugh so loud
For you who know me
But don’t know
About that sea
Which reside
But I hide
I am like a madman
Who laugh so loud
And free but adamant
As for you I always ran
Away, far away
To somewhere
Alone and grey.


Quote Challenge : 3 of 3

The final day is here. My third and last quote for this wonderful challenge is

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Of course it is HAPPENING inside your head, Harry, BUT WHY ON EARTH SHOULD THAT MEAN that is not real?”

-Albus Dumbledore

(Harry Potter and the deathly hallows by J.K. Rowling)

A big thanks to Sachin for nominating me. It was a new experience for me as I usually don’t participate in challenges. But I enjoyed being a part for the first time.

Now, I would like to nominate my sweet friend, Naima, to take up this challenge further!

Here are its rules,

1. Post your three favorite quotes, one each day, (for three consecutive days) on your blog. It could be of some author, great person, unknown or your own.

2.Nominate one blogger with each quote.

3.Thank the person who nominated you.

Wrapped Happiness


“Dadddyy….eeeee…” she giggled while unwrapping her gift

He watched and adored the happiness in his seven year old daughter

“Why did you always wrap everything you give her, Beta?”her grandmother asked her son, Rishi

“Because I know she likes this way..”

Rishi replied, thinking of his wife who used to ask him to always gift her books wrapped properly with a message for her.

When I got Stuck!

* Hostel; Room 223 *

“I am nervous, Aashi..”, I said to Roohi, my roommate for two years in my three years of this degree, while going through the notes again and again.

“Are you out of your flipping mind.. It’s just an all-around good company.. A lot more to come soon.. Quit worrying about the interview too much?”, Aashi said irritatedly.

“Yeah… still”, I responded.

“By the way, Is your interview in this room?”


“My god.. Nothing.. Go and get ready.. We must be on time.. and please don’t take an hour to bath… please”

“Yeah.. I will try”

We both chuckled awkwardly.


*Second Floor common washrooms*

“Turn on to some soft music, please”, Aashi said to me while combing her hair in the mirror.

“Shut up! It’s my cell.. my music.. Close your ears if you bear a problem.. And for the god sake, I don’t want any of your pranks today”, I said and went into the bathroom.

“Yeah… because I am not boring like you”


I spread out the tap and baffled for the cold water. I spread Dettol everywhere, around the corners of the floor, on my stool and in my water just to make certain I was bug free. I am terribly obsessed with hygiene. Then, I started to bath. It’s always good when cold water gives you goosebumps and you feel you can’t breathe. I enjoyed my music reverberating in the whole washroom and my soap bubbles on my skin. “She must have left”, I recalled to myself as I couldn’t hear Aashi babbling around.

After making sure, I was the cleanest person on Earth. I got ready to leave the bathroom. I unlatched it and tried to open it. “Wait.. What’s this… no.. She can’t do this today… no.. not today at least”. The door didn’t open. It’s locked from the outside. My heart was pounding so loud as I thought everyone out there could discover it. “Yeah.. Anyone out there.. yes..”

“Anyone there?”, I wailed.


“Hello… please..”


Meanwhile, my music was singing like nothing has happened. Oh! The cell is non-living. “Oh yea! Cell!”. I quickly turned off the music and called her.

No response.

I called her again.

No answer.

My hand trembled as I decided whom to call next. I was terribly scrolling down in my cell when I heard some footsteps. My eyes got lightened with hope.

“Somebody there?”


“Hey! I am locked here..”

“Which bathroom?”

“Middle one”, I said as I always preferred that bathroom.

“One minute”


I tapped my foot on the floor while she opened it for me.

“Thank you……”, I said while going towards my room. Though, I wanted to embrace her, kiss and say thank her as much as I can. But, not to forget, I was short of time.


“Where I have to sign?”, I asked Ma’am holding the attendance sheet.

“You’re late”

“I am sorry”, I didn’t know what else to say.

“I doubt your choice”, she sounded out so simply looking at me. I have known that placement coordinator since the maiden year of my college. She was the most arrogant lady who used to frighten students. So, I overheard her and quietly marked my attendance.

“Slot Four”, I read the interview schedule and finally my stressed muscles in the brain got relaxed.

“Shit!!!”, Aashi cried when she looked at me.

“I am sorry…. I forgot… I was about to open it when Amit called.. Are you okay?”, she cried further.

“Yeah”, I steered.

“I am sorry”

“Shut up”

“Please… I didn’t do it intentionally..”

“It’s all right.. C’mon.. I know you.. Though I would have killed you if I have got the first slot of interviewees”, I said, interrupting her, “Which slot?”

“Seventh”, she said, and we both laughed as she hated waiting.

*Interview Board*

When my turn came, I went inside the interview board room for attending my very first job related interview in life.

Most of the sluggish queries they asked me made to stick onto my creativity levels; I didn’t pay much attention to what I was answering, however I was so confident while speaking to the other party.

“Are you really willing to be a part of our company?”, one among the heads of the company enquired me at the end.

“Actually, I’m not that willing to be a part of your company from most of the queries you asked me. I knew the puffs I’ve blown so indubitably for many among them. I couldn’t offer you the 100% of the potential I’ve in me through the works I’ll have to do. However, I would try my level best to make use of the incorruptible potential I’ve in me. I’ll firmly take your deal if you’re perfectly fine with the take you’d on me”, I answered.

“Being so frank, we’re not o.k. with you! But we should articulate that you’re the 6th candidate who got admitted in our fellowship. Congratulations! I wish we could provide you a safer atmosphere and facilities to operate in our troupe and build use of the maximum potential in young Indian people like you.”

“Thank you very much for your esteemed feedback, Sir! Thank you”

Yet another late day’s funky ending…

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My Best Friend

I met this gal three years ago. My first impression for her was “my god! She’s so weird!” The way she ate, the way she walked and the way she talked was so different that I was attracted towards her. Then the usual talking began. We two didn’t even realize when we became friends then best friends then roommate and now I call her as my daughter. Though, I say so for fun as she’s a little irresponsible and I have to take care of her like reminding her to carry metro card!
It’s her birthday today. She’s away from me enjoying summer vacations so I shared this poem with her as it belong to her. Then, my stomach tickled and I decided to share it here too.


large (1)


I never knew I will have her
That smiling face, shining eyes and curved hair
My daughter as i call that gal
My best friend as they see her

“Don’t hide your problems”, she says to me
then I say it all making even tears free

When we look into each other eyes
there’s a sea, full of love, care
and of talks as we had a journey of miles

small small fights that we have
over unwashed mug, untidy room
notes sharing and going out
but they ended before our walk in the moon

same age same health and same height
is what we have if looked from outside

but what we have common, is beyond these things
innocence, emotions, fears, likes, mind and understandings




It’s Life!!

Life is full of colors. Yes, we do have some things in life that we don’t wanna see, know,understand or lose just like always wishing for our favorite color. But we must remind ourselves that though we wish for our favorites but to know real happiness in life we must see, know and experience every color!
Hate shouts
Love smiles
Ignorance kills
Care heals
Missing pains
What yours comes again
Envy burns
Freedom lives
It’s all life it’s all life!

Her Rebirth

This story has been written from the main character’s perspective i.e. Megha,
Enjoy Reading!
“It had been an exhausting day for me, as usual. Another big deal was waiting to be concluded. Everything was done. Most of staff had already left except some, who were on their extra shift, and my secretary. I looked up at the clock, 7.00 pm.  My mother face flashed in my mind. I sighed as I recalled my mother’s words,” Come back early today, I am making Dosa for you”. She had come to my three- bedroom-hallow-apartment after almost seven years. But I couldn’t make it to leave early. A tide of anger rose and fall inside me as my contemplation shifted from my mother’s woeful eyes to some documents on my desk that required my authorization. In a bid to release some steam I rose my chair and moved to the window and gazed at the down pour outside for few minutes before drawing the curtains to veil the diamond rain drops falling to dissolve on my cabin’s windowpane. I ordered a steaming hot coffee, took a stroll around the cabin and finally again sat on my chair. But something inside me was unsettled. I let my eyes wander around my cluttered table when the small business card caught my attention, “Umeedh Bhavan, an orphanage”. In my ears the words of lady, from the orphanage that came for some donation stuff, was reverberating,” There are many children without mother and many mothers without children, Ms. Megha”.
My cell phone buzzed. I saw my best friend picture smiling within the frame bounded by that calling ring. As soon as I picked up the call, She started scolded me like she used to do when we were in college and I have forgot her birthday. A smile ran on my otherwise stubborn face but as she continued with her talks, I felt getting detached. Her voices were turning into a rattle with every bit of my strangling thoughts. It seemed hard to continue the conversation so I ended it abruptly with an easy excuse knowing that it would hurt her and me too.
As I sat propping my head on my hands, peon knocked to place my coffee on the table. I looked at the clock again, 7.45 pm. I was still couldn’t drag myself away from my desk to go home. Then, my secretary entered and told me that she’s leaving. I, hastily, said yes and tried to sign the papers that I needed to handover to her. In the haste to sign it, I spilled the hot coffee all over the documents and I instantly yelled, “Shit! Papers!”. She, with a bizarre expression on her face asked,” Don’t you love yourself?”I felt like the floor beneath me has faced an earthquake. I shivered and a cold sweat drenched me. I could hear the rain falling outside. “Don’t worry Ma’am, I will print another copy”, she continued after an awkward silence. Completely shaken by her words, I replied, “its okay, you may go now, and it’s already late”. She replied politely” Thanks Ma’am and take care of the burn”. Her words made me aware of the burn. But the burns were not the only hurt I received. Her comment, ” Don’t you love yourself?”, stung me even more.
The last time I had endured such anguish was when,

Seven years ago……

“Mom, I want this child” brimming confidence

“Don’t be mad, we have a society to answer” shrugs

“Is society more important than your child’s child?” An unanswered question
“Yes, when your child’s father has left you and you’re too young” voice trembles

“But my child is innocent and I am still here for it!” Strong words

“Megha, Don’t forget I’m your mother” Voice reaching its height

“And I will be a mother!” Words trying to win

“Megha……” Slap
 A mother triumphed over a mother to be.
With the conversation that day, I lost my child and a part of myself. From that day, my life took a harsh turn where I was like a machine which couldn’t feel anything so as not to feel the pain and guilt. I never blamed my mother or that man as they did their part but the one who didn’t was me.

I picked up the visiting card and “What’s stopping me now?”, I asked myself. “Exactly, nothing”, the reply came. Then I opened my laptop but this time to follow my heart. It’s a long time that I again felt my lost thrill. I looked at my burn and smiled as it has extinguished a burn within. My fingers trembled from excitement as I typed the website address. And my renowned typing speed turned surprisingly slow like it’s was my first try at typing. The time it took to load made my heart to throb. And then, I finally the moment arrived when I clicked on “Adopt A Child”.

Five years later…..

“Tie your seat belt, Khush”Mom, Chaya said I wrote it wrong but I didn’t. See”
“What Khushi?”
“My homework diary, Mom”
“What? Gimme then”
I felt like thousands of crackers were bursting in the sky. I felt a missing contentment to finally accomplish me as I read the details filled by my daughter on the first page,
Mother’s Name: Ms.Megha Sharma
Father’s Name: Ms.Megha Sharma
I pulled my daughter into a tight hug, “It’s correct, Khushi”.
I wiped away my tears on my sleeve still hugging my daughter.”


Edited by:  Mr.K M Idamari