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It is about a trekking I had when I went to visit to Wayanad in Kerala (India) with my lovely friends.We climbed the Chembra peak. And I was one of my experiences that I will always cherish. I thought so much to write about it but then I didn’t know where to start and where to end. So, I have finally summed it up in two simple lines,


“Why dreams and mountains are so high and hard to win..?”

“Because it’s never about destination but the journey..”


Waves of Ways


Seen many ways till this date

Some were lovely but some were of hate

Seen many people in a haste

Some were still calm and happy but some were in rage

Seen so many houses built across

Some opened the door wide but some closed while I crossed

Seen many birds who were flying as I climbed

Some distracted my eyes but some hummed and rhymed

Seen all, I sat on the awaited destination to think

What I shall I cover now and what life will bring

Thought all and answer was one

Every path was same unlike choices made, but with some twisted turns

Peace to the man who, from heart, forgive all

With love for those who helped him to cover the way on the needed call.

My Glasses

I have been wearing spectacles since my sixth standard. I clearly remember that when I wore it for the first time I had cleared the lenses after every minute though it wasn’t dirty just to look at them. Now, I rarely get time to do so. But I love my specs the same. I really enjoy adjusting them on my nose while answering in class (A nerdy feeling!!) But I must say; now I don’t answer much in class as a normal Indian-Engineering-Student who prefers to keep mum and look around. Sometimes, specs irritate me too like in rain but now it’s like my child who annoy you still you love it.
Now it’s my silly poem for my beloved spectacles..
It is the one with glasses two
hanging on nose for a clearer view
It is the one guiding my eyes
hiding my blinks of my fear too shy
It is the one the one preserving my beauty
showing my nights of imaginations on duty
It is the one which get foggy in steam
adjusting it is like overlaying vex with attitude mean
It is the one which get drenched in shining tears
cooking with me stories when none fit to share 
It is the one listening to my ears
with strands of my hair to settle there
It is the one filtering your demeanor’s sight
so be careful it catches what’s wrong or right
It is a separable clung part of mine
revealing my identity and the spent on book time
It is the one without which I feel incomplete
as it serves as a knight for lusting freak