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Play It Tonight

Play our song
Our song
And I wanna take you in rain

Play our words
Our words
And I wanna cry out with veiled pain

Play our memories
Our memories
And I wanna come to you again

Play our eyes
Our eyes
And I wannna set them on flame

Play it tonight
Play it 
today it feels so right

Because tomorrow 
It’s uncertain again.


Painted Tee


The long but above knee tee

So loose and free

On her, that belongs to him,

Make him think

“Is she his life or another half

That dwells in his mind and heart?”

He follows her hand as she paints on the sheet

With colors all over his tee, arms, legs and her cheek

Pressing her lower lip with teeth

Then, she hastily placed a hair strand

On ear with her left hand

He adored the ring dipped in red

And he got the response for the doubts in his head.

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