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 She does it all
Without a single word
Not just for me
But also for her
Nothing I can hide
She is an eyes reader
I bow for her love
She’s my mother.

A Teacher’s Day


“There are two kinds of teachers: the kind that fill you with so much quail shot that you can’t move, and the kind that just gives you a little prod behind and you jump to the skies.”
Robert Frost

“Diksha, Neha Miss is calling you in her cabin”, Rohan, her classmate, announced in the class. From her lost thoughts, she got startled by her name. Everyone was looking at her with pity eyes. They were all well known to Neha Ma’am strictness for her subject, English, and the carefree nature of Diksha. She also, while trembling with fear, assumed to get scolded today. “I have submitted my assignment on time, then why?””Did I write something wrong?”” Didn’t she like my answers?””But she asked us to write anything, then?”…..she was lost in questioning herself what has gone wrong.

“Go, break is about to over” Rohan directed her.


She felt like running away from the school while walking down the aisle rather than going to her cabin. Maths’ Miss already hated her as she has been caught many times sleeping in her class. But English. She has always been attentive in her class. She loved the subject. She loved the stories her Miss used to teach and the way in which she taught her. It’s her favourite subject.

“May I come in, Ma’am?”

“Yes Diksha, come here!”

Her heart throbbed as she walked to her. 

“Did you do the assignment yourself?” she asked looking at her.

“Yes, Miss”,Diksha said confidently and a strange smile followed her answer. 

Unlike what she has expected, Neha Miss smiled back at her. She adored her smiling face with twinkling eyes as her Miss was smiling for the first time since she has known her. She felt like she has got an extra candy along with the one she has bought last day.

“Your answers are correct, more importantly, they’re deep..umm.. I mean you have done so well”, her Miss said.

Overwhelmed by what was happening around, she stood silently at her place with her eyes wide open to capture her Miss smile.

“How did you answer them?” she further said.

Diksha remained mum and continued looking at her face.

“Diksha, I am asking something…how did you answer them?”

“I imagined you”, she said finally.

“What? What did you imagine?”

“You are the one in my lessons; you’re the Loisel in “The Necklace”, Aren’t you?”

 Neha didn’t know what to say to her. She knew how Diksha studied in her class, looking at her with her eyes dissolved somewhere else. She has felt the same love for the subject in her school days. Now, she got how Diksha has answered so well. She felt satisfied as a teacher. She felt like today was her day. She wanted to thank Diksha for this but she was too small to understand her gratitude.

“Yea..go to your class now.. Keep it up, my child”, she said to her.

She watched her going till she vanished in the corridor. 


P.S. Happy Teachers’ Day!! 😀 😀