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Let it be


She: “I don’t love you… don’t ask the same question…”

He: “But why??…… Aren’t we…… So what’s it? ..Tell me….”

She: ” Please… why are you complicating things?.. Go now… you’re getting late..”

After two hours…

She: “You’re so irresponsible….. Why didn’t you call me??… I was so worried…. Where are you?”

He: “hmm….. Still you don’t love me..”


“Love, you can refuse to say it but can’t refuse to accept it”  -emile


My "You"



“Now, listen to me very carefully”, Rohan directed her love, Nisha, while explaining their project on fluid mechanics to her.


She was lost in his thoughts looking at him with her eyes full of love and the discussion going over her head.


He took a pause, looked at her from the book and asked, “Got me?”


She amorously replied, “Yeah! I got you…and you?”


The fluid in mechanics took a romantic turn. He took her in his arms from the desk she was sitting on and said, “Yeah! My “you””.


She giggled and they smiled looking in each others’ eyes.