That One

Not the one who want my smile,
But the one who make my eyes shine
Not the one who want my touch,
But the one for whom my mere presence works
Not the one who demand thy time,
But the one who steal it which was mine
Not the one who need my words,
But the one for whom my hug is world
Not the one who make Whole day enjoyable,
But the one who can give me just a moment memorable
Not the one who admire my beauty,
But the one who accept my scars with sincerity
Not the one who ruin my nights,
But the one who make me sleep wide
Not the one who expects from me,
But the one who accepts me
Not the one who walks with me whatever it says,
But the one with whom I turn to right way
Not the one who carry me in his arms,
But the one who can make my racing heart calm
Not the one who give me advice,
But the one who aid me to rise
Not the one who catch me lie,
But the one I need not to lie
Not the one who says, “I understand”
But the one who can, after every fall, make me stand.



Walk when you don’t know where to go
Battle with silence when you want to your scream to grow
Open your eyes wide when you want to close
Feel when you want to ignore
Help when you are unable to see yourelf rose
Count when you don’t want time to mould 
Sing when your words forget to sing
Pray when you don’t want to win
Feel pure when you get confront with your sins

Then your smile returns with your grim
And surely then your senses will sing
With a heart that rings
Pushing you to cross your rim.

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