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Ignorant Change


You don’t realise it now
But when on a lonely day
You will sit staring the ground
And life would be changed.
It always did.





It is about a trekking I had when I went to visit to Wayanad in Kerala (India) with my lovely friends.We climbed the Chembra peak. And I was one of my experiences that I will always cherish. I thought so much to write about it but then I didn’t know where to start and where to end. So, I have finally summed it up in two simple lines,


“Why dreams and mountains are so high and hard to win..?”

“Because it’s never about destination but the journey..”



“Can’t you stay for one more day..?”, she asked  looking at him pleasingly.

” C’mon, don’t act like a child.. You’re a strong gal..!!”, He said walking back to room from the balcony.

“Yeah I am.. But I am also a girl who fears tomorrow..”

“I can’t stay…”, he said knowing he has nothing else to say.

” I should leave then..”, she answered with heavy but empty heart.

Waves of Ways


Seen many ways till this date

Some were lovely but some were of hate

Seen many people in a haste

Some were still calm and happy but some were in rage

Seen so many houses built across

Some opened the door wide but some closed while I crossed

Seen many birds who were flying as I climbed

Some distracted my eyes but some hummed and rhymed

Seen all, I sat on the awaited destination to think

What I shall I cover now and what life will bring

Thought all and answer was one

Every path was same unlike choices made, but with some twisted turns

Peace to the man who, from heart, forgive all

With love for those who helped him to cover the way on the needed call.

This Season

The sides beside me

are empty
but who says I am alone
just look at the trees
From a tired heart 
my attention gets caught by the season
And I sigh then, smile without any reason
Right left right left, 
she falls in front of me
the leaf,allowing me to admire her journey.
Later, seasons of talking to the sky, 
she has befriended the sand, sea beneath  
See, No ego-body politic in her ever leap.
The grass so green, 
though she has no sign of dust 
to make my eyes glittering,
a lovely blush is enough for me. 
I wish, I can meet and play with her, 
but then the people around her wouldn’t seek her
The breeze says that in my ears
the cold wind wailing wrapped in a warm tale
kisses my cheek,plays with my ponytail, 
trying to untangle it so easily
I feel like that’s a wonderful bequest this season has given me.
edited by : Yo! Yo! Rahul Ashok