Best Friends

UBC Day 11

With tears , memories of her moment ago ended love story are falling on the paper, on which she was writing with all her anger,”Love?” but to wipe her tear off with her hands, she placed the paper beside her.

Her best friend came whom she has called, as she always did whenever she was in trouble or sad, and in a furtive manner, he sat next to her.

He gazed her crying then picked up the paper lying there to read and something inside him made him to write,”Love? love is care” and put it back to its place with the ice cream he has bought for her.

From her tears window, she got the ice cream glimpse so motioned to pick it up when she read her paper but with answer this time then, looked above to find her best friend sitting close to her.

Her screams got louder, her tears got thicker and a sudden emotional vibe overpowered her which ended her in his arms.
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekened, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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