Sisters’ Situations

She said,”So, you’re still with your cellphone?”
I smiled.
She said,”This book is still lying here”
I smiled.
She said,”Have you brought that novel for me”
I smiled.
She said,”Oh! Why I’m asking you, of course not!”
I smiled.
She said,”Let me tell you, there’s a world outside your twitter”
I smiled.
She said,”Look, What you have done with your hair”
I smiled.
She said,”Tomorrow come with me ,you need a haircut, hold your colors, Keep them in their place, now”
I smiled.
She said,”Why this bookmark is on the floor, should I throw it away?”
I smiled.
She said,”Why are you so serious? You behave so ..umm..i mean..Can you leave your laptop for a second? You don’t even talk to me”
I didn’t smile.
She said,”Why are you so busy with craps?”
I didn’t smile.
She said,”Are you alright?”

[A susurrant  pause]

I said,” c’mon come here, lemme show you this picture!”
She got excited with the stressful concern fading away.
“Wow i want this too. it’s so funny”
We both chuckled.
Slowly, the air got filled with sisters’ giggles and gossips.


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