She was standing gazing at the empty sky,
He came close to her and stood beside her.
She realised his smell but didn’t shower any response. 
Slowly,he slid down his hand on her palm till a grip was born. 
She disturbed her dissolving eyes from sky to admire their hold.
Then, again dedicated her eyes to darkness.
Both looked at the sky now twinkling with stars.
She smiled and a tear trickled down her cheek.
And he released his crinkle from forehead.


15 thoughts on “They”

  1. 1. the words 'his smell' should have been avoided.
    2. “she didn't shower any **response**
    3. “stood **beside** her
    4. “made her eyes dedicated” should have been ideally substituted by “dedicated her eyes” because both are in 'direct speech' and the former certainly doesn't go down well with the tempo of the poem


  2. and you know what might have happened next?? A Ram-Leela / Ishakzaade Kinda ending.. Both embrace and shoot each other…! And then the Dhoom 3 concluding poem 'Bandhe hain hum uske' would have started humming in the environment!


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