YOUR CENTER : Self-Center

“Self-centered” word pinches people as if someone has called them “self-fish” and most of the people perception for this word are not positive. I know being self-centered means you are preoccupied by your own concern and never think about other’s concern. But it don’t mean “self-centered” person is harmful or being self-centered is unacceptable to be more precise I want to say being a little self-centered is “healthy”. Now the question arises how?
So, let me explain.
People of my age (Oops! I mean teenage and youth) are most attracted to relationships, links up and break ups (off course!). We get attached to that “someone special” so much that our world shifts its center from us to that person as a result our thoughts revolve around it. What we think is replaced by what that person thinks so we try to have traits set by it rather than reinventing our own personal traits. And whenever we try to become what our nature don’t allow we face adjudications. It’s said that “Change is a rule of nature” but don’t forget “Habits can be changed, not our nature”. So, when we try to change our selves instead of trying to reinvent an alarm should ring as we are going to a wrong path. The case is worst in case of unrequited love. Otherwise two lost people have a chance to be found together but when a single person got lost chances for its comeback is nearly zero. What I am trying to say is that in this speedy generation where nothing last for much (like size of mobile phones) it would be silly to forget about your own concern for a bond transient or take a long time before getting attach too much so that when your relation goes downhill your soul don’t. That is to take things seriously more than one’s capabilities calls for feeling depressed. You make suffer from sleepless nights, “no-smile” disease (named by me J), loss of appetite, anger, frustrations etc.
It’s good to make your life revolve around something but then, don’t miss your life to rotate around you just like our “only lively planet known” i.e. Earth. Imagine earth stop spinning but revolves! Would earth traits be same then? Or then it would be as perfect as it is now? We all know its answer i.e. a big “No”. Same applies to us so try to a little self-centered and reinvent yourself. As I believe before loving and caring for someone else, one should first love one’s self. When we feel happy with our own selves we are more likely to be attractive and admired ones.
So open your arms wide to embrace no one but yourself. Accept yourself then other around you. Feel happy and make other happy. Love yourself and feel being loved!!
Find a reason for life, not a person for life!!

Have a happy, healthy and lovely life!


6 thoughts on “YOUR CENTER : Self-Center”

  1. I could sense a bit of rebel in you through this one ! 😛
    I would rather use Self-Revival instead of Self-Centered to describe what you are trying to inspire everyone here for !
    Being Self-Centered is good but only uptil you are not creating nuisance for others and for yourself .
    At the end of the day, we live in a society where staying aloof can just be the next best thing to “IMPOSSIBLE” !
    what i mean to say is that Self-Revival can't be achieved at the cost of a Self-Centered attitude ! You have got to mix up with the Positives and eliminate the Negatives instead of just eliminating everyone out of our lives ! It would be like Chopping off our both hands for the sore in a single finger !
    EXCEL in LIFE by Choice not by Force !
    and a long clap for that special “No-smile disease” ! Innovative 🙂


  2. A great thanks to you to give me your perspective on this.
    may be it seems rebel in a way but what i write is from my experiences sacred from any rebellion.
    i approve the “Self- Revival” from you. thank you.
    i will think on your perspective too.


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