Hello readers,
The phase I am going through is a phase encountered by everyone once in a life time. The phase I am talking about is the phase when you are not adjudicated by others properly as they aren’t looking beyond their personal perspective about you. At this juncture, you may feel like repudiated and start questioning yourself whether I am doing things right for me or are these things really meant for me or why all these is happening to me.  At this point, something inside says to bow in front of your vex but the right thing to do at this time is to start everything again or to start looking at things that just happened with a different prospect, a prospect you have never gone through. This phase may mould you to be a gallant or may make you a coward. If you are determined to face your failures just as a cost for something more auspicious then nothing in this world could obstruct your way to success. But if you have loosen your hope and consider everything happening around to be just meant to make you fall again then you are entangled in the trap of pessimism thus nobody in this world could make you stand again. Hence, it is said “life is what you make it”.

Now this discussion would be incomplete without writing my own encountering to this phase hence I am describing it too here. Mine experience to this phase is like I am walking through the road full of bewilderment. This feeling is untouched by everyone around me. And I inefficient to explain them what am going through thus silently taking the road of silence residing outside and clamouring inside. This clamour in me seems eternal to me but I know I must not harbour this as to abode clamour is equivalent to settling my worries and difficulties without solving, thus, overcoming them. As soon as I commence to look at my bewilderment with bullishness I sense elucidation. Then, casually I am again full of enthusiasm and an inexperienced hope. I think these were missing earlier from my consciousness. Now I am ready again to face this world but this time to achieve what I am meant for, not for what I have fancied.  This clarity of thoughts accomplishes me with a determined apprehending success. Now at my workplace I don’t envy other but creates my own world of admiration and acceptation.  I am happy and in acceptation of spreading this happiness. Now if a person in front of me seems depressed then I don’t get attracted or frustrated towards it but try to console.

I hope everyone reading this short passage knows exactly what I am talking about as this phase which I have described is never left untouched by life. I wish them a really optimist and a happy life. With this hope I down my pen and promise to encourage again!




  1. You are over thinking on this, the real problem is with people because they Judge, at times I wonder how can they even do this because it takes more time and effort to really get to know a person before passing any judgment. I’m not sure if everyone can totally override their own preconceptions, but I think we must try to silence these folks while they delve deeper by not getting effected and by not question our own good self.


  2. We all have our shares of Joy and Sorrows ! In times of Joy..we stay Ignorant .But when the Hard Times come by, we are at times baffled more often than not ! and it's quite Human too..But the thing worth learning is “Talking to Self” (Something I rediscovered lately from someone 😛 )
    On d serious note…We need to Sit down in those times and ask to self “what are we running after ?”
    Tame our Mind to be Honest and Loyal !
    Hope is the thing which if lost can put one into Dire Straits …we need to learn “Satisfaction always lies in the Struggle “….
    This is a Phase we all go through and we need to stay assured that if we make the cut through it…we will shine BRIGHTER like never before !
    Before I conclude,Thanks a lot for reminding me with what I had lost somewhere amidst some doubts and apprehensions !


  3. thanks for reading it with such an enthusiasm and i completely agree with you that “Satisfaction lies in struggle” and that it made us “brighter” than before.
    i feel content and happy to help someone in a way or other.


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