Walk when you don’t know where to go
Battle with silence when you want to your scream to grow
Open your eyes wide when you want to close
Feel when you want to ignore
Help when you are unable to see yourelf rose
Count when you don’t want time to mould 
Sing when your words forget to sing
Pray when you don’t want to win
Feel pure when you get confront with your sins

Then your smile returns with your grim
And surely then your senses will sing
With a heart that rings
Pushing you to cross your rim.


5 thoughts on “A DYING ZEAL”

  1. Well the whole beauty of this Poem or Rather “A Call to the Heart” can be summed up as :
    “When Going Gets Tough,Tough Gets Going” !
    There are times when we feel like doing NOTHING….and that's the time when we need to rise above all the ODDS and do things what our Heart calls out for and not follow that what our Mind wants us to !!! Maybe it would be a bit tough to go early on but soon we will get over all ! “ZEAL” is what should never GO MISSING
    from our hearts !
    Awesome and Out of the World….Least to say 🙂


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